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Definition of admensuration word

  • abbreviation ADMENSURATION Admeasurement. 1

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A common word. It’s meaning is known to most children of preschool age. About 93% of English native speakers know the meaning and use the word.
Most Europeans know this English word. The frequency of it’s usage is somewhere between "mom" and "screwdriver".

Synonyms for admensuration

noun admensuration

  • portion — a part of any whole, either separated from or integrated with it: I read a portion of the manuscript.
  • scope — extent or range of view, outlook, application, operation, effectiveness, etc.: an investigation of wide scope.
  • part — a portion or division of a whole that is separate or distinct; piece, fragment, fraction, or section; constituent: the rear part of the house; to glue the two parts together.
  • quota — the share or proportional part of a total that is required from, or is due or belongs to, a particular district, state, person, group, etc.
  • allotment — In Britain, an allotment is a small area of land in a town which a person rents to grow plants and vegetables on.

Antonyms for admensuration

noun admensuration

  • importance — the quality or state of being important; consequence; significance.
  • whole — comprising the full quantity, amount, extent, number, etc., without diminution or exception; entire, full, or total: He ate the whole pie. They ran the whole distance.
  • ignorance — the state or fact of being ignorant; lack of knowledge, learning, information, etc.
  • inaction — absence of action; idleness.

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