Best Ways To Say Hello

10 November 2017 79

“Hello”. Such a simple word, right? But with so much meaning. The very tone of our voices changes its meaning. The timing of it changes a sentence. Considered as the universal greeting, the term ‘hello’ can often be complex and deliver a message entirely different from what it was created to do. Nevertheless, it is used by everyone, from Fiji to Hawaii and Greenland to Madagascar, and everywhere in between. But with so much diversity around the world, even the simplest of words often get lost in translation. So, let's take a look at some of the best ways to say hello.

Around The World

These are renditions of Hello that are used practically everywhere.


Quite obviously, the most used term after hello is hi. It is a shorter, quicker, more informal way of greeting each other. It is usually used among friends and family members.


A slight variation on the above mentioned ‘Hi’. Hey is used as a casual greeting and is most often heard among close friends.

What's Up?

Heard throughout the younger generation, the cool sounding ‘What’s Up?’ has grown in popularity over the years. It is a changeup from the regular ‘How are you doing?’.

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening

Although it is a more formal greeting, the Good Morning or Good Afternoon or Good Evening greeting is a classic and is understood and respected everywhere.


When saying “hello” gets too boring, we can always take it up a notch by introducing greetings from other countries as well.


With so much of the Spanish influence in our dad to day lives, the quirky ‘Hola’ has also now become a way to greet friends and family.


If we can adopt a Spanish word as our own, then we can do so for a French one as well. The elegant Bonjour is often heard among close relations or between foreign visitors.

Buenas Noches/Dias

Another one from the Spanish dictionary, Buenas Noches/Dias or “Good Evening/Day” has quickly caught on in English dominant countries as well.

The Unconventional

When a simple hello or hi doesn't cut it and the occasion calls for something different, you can always fall back on these.


A shorter, more informal way of asking what's up? The term was introduced by the rap and hip-hop generation and stuck around ever since.


Originating from the Southern parts of USA, ‘howdy’ is often connected to cowboys. The term can also be used as “howdy partner” for a more rustic feel.

Well Hello

If you haven't seen someone in a long time or just want that person to know that you're surprised to see them, a good old ‘well hello’ will do the trick.


Nothing gets more hip-hop than this original greeting. Two alphabets with so much punch. The word is combined with your personality to deliver its emphasis. So, if you're tough, it will sound tough. If you're cool, it will sound cool.

Look What The Cat Dragged In

Here's one greeting that should only be reserved for friends and family members. It is used when you see someone after a long time and you want to tease them for their absence. It implies that they look like a piece of trash that a cat has brought into the home. It is said as a joke and should be taken as one as well.

So, there you have it. Some of the best ways to say hello - in your native language or some foreign one as well. Or if you choose, change it up and introduce one of the unconventional phrases into your sentences and see how your friends and family respond.

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